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Fabricated Front Steer Axle

Designed as the platform for both Hendrickson’s next generation and OEM proprietary front suspension systems, STEERTEK NXT provides greater reliability, innovation, weight savings, and is a durable, lightweight alternative to traditional I-beam axles. STEERTEK NXT manages the increased brake torque loads required to meet recent changes to FMVSS-121 and will accommodate a variety of wheel end and knuckle designs, including global specifications. Chosen by many OEMs as the standard axle for select vehicle models, STEERTEK NXT is approved for on-highway and medium-duty trucks, buses and motorhome applications and is available in capacities up to 14,600 lbs.


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Advanced Suspension Integration

  • The STEERTEK NXT axle easily integrates with a variety of suspensions, allowing it to serve as the platform for many OEM proprietary and next generation front suspension systems.

Weight Savings

  • STEERTEK NXT's unique design provides up to 23 pounds of weight savings compared to traditional forged l-beam axles.

Increased Maneuverability

  • Optimized steering performance delivers up to 50-degrees of wheel cut, for better maneuverability.

Rigid Axle Beam

  • Manages the increased brake torque needed to meet FMVSS-121 stopping distance regulations.
  • Integrated axle seats to improve ground clearance, reduce part count, and simplify assembly.

Reduced Maintenance

  • Premium kingpin bushings and seals provide enhanced protection from the elements to improve bushing life.

Brake Compatibility

  • Compatible with drum or disc brakes.
  • Accepts both 5/8" and 3/4" brake hardware.

Adaptable Design

  • Right-hand drive configurations are available for global applications.