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Trade Compliance


As a global corporation, we are responsible for providing export documentation. Therefore, we must require the same information from our suppliers. If you have any questions regarding Trade Compliance, please contact the appropriate division from the list below.

Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin Divisions are in the process of implementing Integration Point, a third party software application, to administer trade agreements and documentation. Integration Point portal access can be obtained through your corresponding divisional representative (see contact list below).


Hendrickson Divisional Trade Compliance Contacts

Hendrickson Truck

Lance Laird, lcb
Trade Compliance Manager
Phone: 630-910-2690
Email: TradeComp_Truck@hendrickson-intl.com

Hendrickson Trailer

Gerry Schmelzer
Division Logistics Manager
Phone: 330-489-0068
Email: TradeComp_Trailer@hendrickson-intl.com

Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle

Sandy Jackson
Purchasing / Trade Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 740-929-5653
Email: LiftAxleTradeCompliance@hendrickson-intl.com

Hendrickson Bumper & Trim

Brian Kemnitz
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 815-774-6975
Email: TradeComp_Bumper@hendrickson-intl.com

Watson & Chalin

Chris Kwitek
Purchasing Manager
Phone: 972-838-1270
Email: TradeComp_Watson@hendrickson-intl.com