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Integrated Monoleaf Suspension and Steer Axle System

Save up to 85 pounds with SOFTEK’s unique monoleaf spring technology and STEERTEK NXT’s box-shaped fabricated front axle. SOFTEK’s advanced design builds on characteristics of a traditional mechanical suspension while reducing weight and improving driver comfort. This complete system saves up to 85 pounds compared to a traditional two-leaf spring and I-beam axle system. SOFTEK front mechanical suspension and steer axle system is designed for on-highway truck applications rated at 12,000 and 12,350-pound capacities.


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Superb Ride

  • Optimized leaf spring design and premium shocks result in an outstanding ride.

Stability and Handling

  • Leaf spring assembly forms torsion system with box section axle, enhancing roll stability characteristics.


  • Durable rubber bushings require no lubrication and help reduce maintenance and noise

Reduced Maintenance

  • Premium kingpin bushings and seals provide enhanced protection from the elements to improve bushing life

Up to 50-Degrees of Wheel Cut

  • Aggressive turning radius provides superior maneuverability.

Brake Compatibility

  • Compatible with drum or disc brakes
  • Accepts both 5/8” and ¾” brake hardware