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Independent Military Suspension

The independent suspension combines Hendrickson’s chassis integration experience, manufacturing excellence, vehicle dynamics experience and history of heavy-duty suspension design. The system features superior mobility, steering, ride and handling characteristics to help protect the chassis, cargo and passengers in treacherous environments. Available as a production option for new military vehicles or as an upgrade to existing vehicles in theater, the independent suspension offers advanced technology that is proven to thrive under challenging conditions.


Sales Literature

  • Superior mobility and maneuverability to help maintain traction in rugged, off-road terrain
  • Modular design and multiple premium options allow for customization of ride quality, stability and handling characteristics
  • Capable of mating with Hendrickson’s HHP hydro-pneumatic suspension for unparalleled ride quality, maneuverability and performance
  • Highly-engineered and validated sub-frame for field retrofits offers ease of installation while providing the durability required in severe environments
  • Advanced shocks and coil springs designed to offer optimal ride and vehicle performance with ease of serviceability and minimal down time
  • Axle capacities ranging from 6,000 to 29,000 lbs. (2.7 to 13.2 t)