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HHP™ System

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Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension System

The patented technology in Hendrickson’s Hydro-Pneumatic™ (HHP™) Suspension provides severe off-road vehicles with superior ride quality, handling, stability and durability with low maintenance requirements. The use of hydraulic spring cylinders combined with advanced hydraulic piston accumulators reduces vibration and harshness to the chassis and body equipment, providing a smooth ride and helping extend the life of the vehicle. The HHP system has been proven in a variety of demanding military applications to provide premium performance and rugged durability.


Sales Literature

  • Hydraulic valves provide controlled, load-dependent damping for
  • superior ride quality in demanding load conditions
  • Cross-plumbing between spring cylinders provides high stability and handling
  • characteristics to accommodate uneven terrain, NATO double lane changes
  • and evasive maneuvers
  • Advanced triple chamber piston accumulators provide a low spring rate regardless of load conditions, and equalize the load to help provide continuous tire contact with the ground for increased traction
  • System provides raising and lowering capability and the ability to achieve multiple ride heights
  • Optional blocking system automatically locks the ride height in situations where movement of the vehicle platform is not desired, such as loading, unloading, towing or satellite communications
  • Power only used to level vehicle due to changes in load; no power / fuel consumption while vehicle is in motion due to closed system
  • Adaptable to multiple axle combinations and load range requirements