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Truck Extended Warranty

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The Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems Extended Warranty option is available to purchase up to one year after the vehicle is placed in service for the following suspension systems. To learn more about the full extended warranty terms and conditions that apply to this program, please click here.

  • Peace of Mind - Stay at ease knowing any applicable repairs will not create unexpected out-of-pocket costs.
  • Protection from Cost Inflation - Your Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems Extended Warranty coverage applies to your vehicle regardless of increases in parts or labor that are certain to occur over time. One simple payment now can save you substantial repair costs in the future.
  • Genuine Parts - All replacement parts will be genuine Hendrickson parts, so you know your repaired vehicle will have the same outstanding quality it had when it was first purchased.
  • Enhanced Resale Value - Your Hendrickson Extended Warranty coverage is transferable, enhancing the resale value of your vehicle.

Save up to 97 pounds with AIRTEK. With a unique design that provides increased stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance, AIRTEK is the industry’s first front air suspension and steer axle system.... read more

Capacity: 12,000 lbs. - 14,600 lbs.

AIRTEK's unique design provides stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance over standard suspensions for applications rated between 12,000-14,600 pounds. AIRTEK®, combined with STE... read more

Capacity: 12,000 – 14,000

Hendrickson’s SOFTEK® NXT system combines the STEERTEK™ NXT axle and monoleaf spring technology with an advanced integrated clamp group design and is now available with Integrated Air Disc Brake (IADB) ... read more

Capacity: 12-12.5K

SOFTEK® is an integrated front suspension and robotically welded steer axle that work together to form an integrated torsion system. This lightweight system delivers enhanced ride, stability and handling char... read more


With its rugged, weight efficient design, PRIMAAX® EX is a severe-duty vocational air suspension that delivers advanced suspension technology for the rigorous demands of vocational, severe-service, and heavy-haul a... read more

Capacity: 23,000 lbs. - 78,000 lbs.

FIREMAAX® EX heavy-duty rear air suspension delivers the superb ride, stability, and handling required for fire and rescue vehicles. Combining a robust design with performance enhancing features, FIREMAAX EX prov... read more

Capacity: 24,000 lbs. - 62,000 lbs.

The HN® is designed to reduce weight and improve ride quality without sacrificing durability and stability in vocational applications. The VariRate® Spring System provides a unique balance between unloaded ride quality... read more

Capacity: 40,000 lbs. - 52,000 lbs.

Hendrickson’s HAULMAAX® is a premium rubber suspension designed for vocational applications where durability, lightweight and driver comfort are essential. HAULMAAX's innovative low-maintenance design utili... read more

Capacity: 40,000 lbs. - 46,000 lbs.

RT™/RTE™ is a durable steel spring suspension with a legacy of over 90 years of reliability in the most severe applications. Hendrickson-designed springs provide a consistent spring rate for longer life as the ... read more

Capacity: 40,000 lbs. - 70,000 lbs.

Available exclusively to the fire and rescue industry, the HN® FR suspension system utilizes a VariRate® spring system to provide the perfect balance of empty ride quality and loaded stability. Its diagonally mount... read more

Capacity: 42,000 lbs. - 58,000 lbs.