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Light-Duty Steerable for Federal Bridge Compliance

The COMPOSILITE® SCT10 offers a reduced system weight up to 24 pounds and a minimized package space of 22.1 inches. Hendrickson has taken tie-rod technology one step further by introducing the patent-pending Compliant Tie Rod (CTR) Technology.


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Shipping on Demand

Hendrickson’s Shipping on Demand program will keep you moving with more choices and less hassle than ever before. Choose from eight different suspensions, steer or non-steer, in a range of capacities from 8,000 to 20,000 pounds. Hendrickson offers the COMPOSILITE® SC series of lift axles and the TOUGHLIFT® FM for quick delivery. You choose the lift axle that will keep you productive and Hendrickson will deliver.

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  • CTR Technology is designed to lower maintenance costs and increase uptime by providing a resilient, impact-resistant tie-rod assembly
  • Optimized linear damper eliminates coil spring and improves service life
  • Inline air springs maximize packaging space and help remove the risk of driveline interference
  • Adjustable frame width and ride height allow stocking of one suspension to meet several needs
  • New optimized package design of 22.1 inches allows more room for multiple lift axle configurations
  • Fabricated knuckle reduces overall weight of suspension and allows for Ackerman customization
  • 31-degree wheel cut provides greater maneuverability and improved performance
  • Available up to 10,000-pound capacity
  • Available in eight-hole hub accommodating a 19.5-inch tire
  • Same reliability and durability as the proven COMPOSILITE SCT13
  • Provides 13 inches of total axle travel and 10 inches of lift
  • Integrated pre-plumbed option available